Services: YoPaDa, Parkour Courses, Photography, Guided Tours

YoPaDa – Dancing with the Walls Flow Sessions

Join my weekly “Dancing with the Walls” YoPaDa sessions every Sunday morning at 10 AM:

We combine Yoga, Parkour and Ecstatic Dance techniques to elicit flow states beyond the mind.

Parkour Courses for Adults

When it comes to parkour training adults still face challenges when trying to learn it. Why?

Even after 30+ years of the official existence of the discipline – or after David Belle coined the term parkour – it’s still hard to get people to help you learn parkour unless you know them upfront.

As an adult in your

  • twenties
  • thirties
  • forties

or older most people won’t train with you unless they know you already. Especially beginners will have a hard time to find training partners.

Sure, there are lessons by professionals now, even so called parkour gyms – a contradiction if you ask me. You can learn parkour in a safe environment when you pay for it but most often it’s a training devised for

  • kids
  • teens
  • or young adults

in their prime. Average people and people who – like me – are rather weak or even “wimps” will be discouraged from learning parkour already before they start.

You may feel awkward as the only adult who is older than 20 training among those kids.

Are you OK with the age difference? I was. It can be very frustrating though. Why?

You will soon realize that kids learn much faster than you. After a few weeks everybody else will outpace you by large margins while you will still deal with the basics.

That’s why I started offering specific parkour courses for adults – perfectly average people with no special superhero skills!

Visit the parkour training page and sign up now! Obstacles are opportunities!

More Parkour Services

It’s almost impossible to find someone offering parkour photography or guided tours unless you are already part of the “parkour community”. I’m here to change that. How?

  • Beyond the usually kids-oriented parkour training I offer intensive courses where you can learn parkour in 10h or four days as a normal adult. See above.
  • I also offer parkour photography. I will take photos of you while you jump. It’s an art by itself to make good images while jumping, vaulting or scaling walls. So friends and family can’t really do it for you.
  • Last but not least I additionally offer guided tours for all those who are fed up with the few “official” parkour spots or parkour parks in Berlin everybody trains at. I can show and find more opportunities outside of them.

Parkour Photography

After training parkour for a few years I realized that it’s very difficult to take great parkour pictures. It’s not just that people move but it’s also the

  • angle
  • background
  • perspective

that make or break a parkour photo opportunity. It’s not just the difficult timing. Why?

You need a specific type of composition to make the photos look attractive. Otherwise it’s hard to appreciate the actual jumps even if you manage to catch the perfect moment to capture them.

Whether you try to photograph parkour alone or with the help of friends or family you will likely find out that the results are not very impressive.

The DIY photos rarely reflect the actual difficulty of a particular move. You need another person who trains parkour themselves to take photos of you.

Even professionals rather have videos than photos because still images are so much harder to time.

That’s why I took part in a parkour photography course with Andy Day – the probably most famous parkour photographer today.

He shared with me some insights and techniques that allowed me to shoot photos of almost the same quality as his without high level equipment. See the examples in my article on that workshop.

Guided Parkour Tours

When you come to Berlin to train Parkour you can do the following: post a few days earlier on Facebook that you visit and then ask someone to show you around and train with you. Sounds good?

There is just one problem with this approach: these days nobody will respond in most cases.

Most parkour practitioners meet their long time friends and have their private or downright secret

  • Whatsapp
  • Snapchat
  • Telegram

or whatever the latest app is – groups. It’s hard to even find those.

Also again – when you’re older than 20 or so – you might feel weird asking strangers who are many years younger to show you around.

Guided parkour tours are the obvious solution. Yet I haven’t seen anybody offer them yet, especially in Berlin where parkour is still an exception.

There are just a few prominent spots in Berlin and when you don’t know the city you end up like Storror, who have only visited three of them, the probably most well known ones:

Even when you look at the popular parkour spots you will most likely end up training alone there unless you visit during the “rush hours” on the weekends (something between 1 and 4). Then you may be lucky to see someone else around.

When there are just a few raindrops or merely some clouds most parkour spots will already be deserted.

I’ve been to some of the most famous ones on Sundays and haven’t seen anybody there. You are in Berlin for only a few days and can’t wait inside? No problem!

Now you can just contact me at and I will show you around. I will show you the “official spots” and the often hidden better places to jump nobody uses which are just a few minutes away.