Services: Yopada (Yoga Parkour Dance) Sessions, Parkour Courses

YoPaDa – dancing with the walls flow sessions

Join my weekly “Dancing with the Walls” YoPaDa sessions every Sunday morning at 10 AM:

We combine Yoga, Parkour and Ecstatic Dance techniques to elicit flow states beyond the mind.

Yopada helps you experience the joy of movement, gain confidence and embrace flow.

Parkour courses for adults

When it comes to parkour training adults still face challenges when trying to learn it. Why?

Even after 30+ years of the official existence of the discipline parkour is still the exception.

David Belle popularized the term parkour back in the nineties yet it’s still hard to learn parkour unless you’re a kid.

As an adult in your

  • twenties
  • thirties
  • forties

or older most people won’t train with you unless they know you already.

Especially beginners will have a hard time to find training partners.

Sure, there are lessons by professionals now, even so called parkour gyms – a contradiction if you ask me.

You can learn parkour in a safe environment when you pay for it but most often it’s a training devised for

  • kids
  • teens
  • or young adults

in their prime. Average people and people who – like me – are rather weak or even “wimps” will be discouraged.

Mostly “strong men” type of youths seem to be learning parkour.

As an adult, woman, or average individual you already feel discoursed before that start.

You may feel awkward as the only adult who is older than 20 training among kids.

Are you OK with the age difference? I was. It can be very frustrating though. Why?

You will soon realize that kids learn much faster than you.

After a few weeks everybody else will outpace you by large margins while you will still deal with the basics.

That’s why I started offering specific parkour courses for adults – perfectly average people with no special superhero skills!

Visit the parkour training page and sign up now! Obstacles are opportunities!

Or just contact me at onreact at or call me at 0176 301 309 45 to learn yopada dancing with walls or conventional parkour for adults.