• How to Learn Parkour as a Weak Fat Adult Geek

    You often see frequently asked questions like “am I too old to train parkour, I’m [insert any adult age here]?”.

    Then you will also find the same question but instead of “old” they will ask “am I too fat (overweight), tall, weak” etc. etc. etc.

    The short answer to all those questions is a resounding “no”! Or in other words:

    You are never too old, fat, weak, geeky, whatever to start training parkour.

    The long answer – as most people never believe you when it’s too simple – is …

  • The Obstacle is the Path

    We live our life in transit always looking out for the imaginary point in the future when we will be happy. We overlook the actual place and time we are at. What would happen if we’d reversed that approach? Why not admit that the obstacle is the path?

  • Parkour is for Wimps

    Reading the bio’s of many well known parkour practitioners or freerunners you start wondering whether they were simply born for this and you weren’t.

    Freerunners seem to have some superior genetic predisposition for scaling walls and jumping off roofs.

    They obviously don’t have the genes for fear, weakness and laziness while they have the ones for

    • agility
    • flexibility
    • strength

    you lack it appears. Bullshit!

  • Find Your Own Path

    Most of us just follow the path others have paved before us: parents, teachers, advertisers, politicians, priests.

    We often attempt to go the way of least resistance.

    Yet sooner or later we will encounter obstacles on our path anyway.

    You grow physically and mentally with the obstacles you overcome. You become stronger and more resilient. The more you improve the more unique your path while training and in real life will be.