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  • When you visit Quora – the number one site for asking questions online – you often see frequently asked questions like “am I too old to train parkour, I’m [insert any adult age here]?”. Then you will also find the same question but instead of “old” they will ask too fat (overweight), tall, weak etc. […]

  • The Obstacle is the Path

    The Obstacle is the Path

    Often we do not like what we encounter in daily life. We rather look forward to the weekend or the next vacation. This tedious task that health issue that rude person. All of those are annoyances, pet-peeves at best and life changing disasters at worst. They have one thing in common. We don’t want to […]

  • In case you don’t know who Andy Day aka Kiell is I can’t blame you. He’s a modest down-to-earth kind of guy not a celebrity on Instagram or something. Yet in case you have seen some good parkour/freerunning photos in the past you probably looked at Andy Day’s work. I’m not even exaggerating! I was […]

  • Parkour is for Wimps

    Reading the bio’s of many well known parkour practitioners or freerunners you start wondering whether they were simply born for this and you weren’t. Freerunners seem to have some superior genetic predisposition for scaling walls and jumping off roofs. They obviously don’t have the genes for fear, weakness and laziness while they have the ones […]